My Statement on WikiLeaks

I am a liberal Democrat, and a great believer in the First Amendment. I hate censorship. I think it is very rarely justified, and that it is too widely applied in the United States. But there is a line, and WikiLeaks has crossed it.

There's nothing wrong with whistle-blowing. It is laudable to reveal government crimes. But WikiLeaks has done far more than that. By revealing huge numbers of state department cables indiscriminately, they have made it difficult, if not impossible, for the US State Department to function in the near future. And to reveal the defense plans of countries like Poland and Lithuania, countries that have been repeatedly invaded, is just unconscionable. WikiLeaks has put millions of innocent lives at risk.

I note with interest that WikiLeaks has not revealed the defense plans of China, North Korea, Cuba, Iran, or other enemies of the west. One might note that it is harder to rip off secrets from totalitarian regimes. But by the same token, that means democracies are more vulnerable to this kind of attack. It is hard not to believe that WikiLeaks harbors some deadly hatred for the west. And, hey, folks--I live here. And people I love live here.

I call on the US government to bring down the WikiLeaks web site by any means necessary. WikiLeaks has committed treason against the US, and its field agents have committed treason against many other countries. If the US government will not act, I call on patriotic hackers, in the US and its allies, to bring these SOBs down before they get somebody killed.

Page created:12/08/2010
Last modified:  02/14/2011