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On this page I will post routines I write that could be of general use to programmers. I'll try to use a standard style both for the links and for the introductory headers on each page. Code many appear in any language, but will specify the language in each link, and in more detail on each page.

Note: Although all these pages display a copyright notice, I hereby declare all the code displayed therein to be in the public domain, to be used at will by any interested party.


Find correlation coefficient between two series of numbers

Find planet surface temperature with a semigray approximation

Find the reflectivity in a wavelength band due to Rayleigh scattering.

Find root-mean-square error between two series of numbers

Find saturation water vapor pressure using the Clausius-Clapeyron Law

Print a number in scientific notation in Just Basic

Find how many entries in a string array are not empty.

Test for an empty string in Visual Basic


Class library for easier console screen manipulation

Find the Planck Curve fraction from wavelengths 0 to λ

Paste data from an Excel spreadsheet into a MicroSoft DataGridView control.


Find the Planck Curve fraction from wavelengths 0 to λ

Read text file and print it to the screen in SilverFrost F95

Set console text cursor position in SilverFrost F95

Show multiple windows in SilverFrost F95

Text cursor control library in SilverFrost F95


Minimal code for a Java GUI program

A routine to insert substrings in Java strings

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