What to do with a new Windows PC

Want to ensure your computer works efficiently and safely right out of the box? I've come to follow a multi-step program for a new Windows PC, mostly involving downloading free software. Trust me, this works--and doing the stuff here is important. Rely on what comes with Windows and you'll be in a world of hurt.

1. As soon as you've installed the Windows operating system and gotten it running, register and activate your copy. Fail to do the latter and the damn thing will stop working after a while. A nice little trap from your pals at Microsoft.

2. Get on line. If anything other than Internet Explorer is available, for God's sake use that. If not, use IE for now.

3. Download Avast! antivirus free edition. Don't be fooled by "Avast" or other deceptive clones with the exclamation mark missing. Link: Avast!

4. Shut down your browser and install Avast! Make sure it's running.

5. Get on line again. Download the following free software:

6. Go to Start => Control Panel => Add/Remove Programs => Add/Remove Windows Components. Remove Internet Explorer. The damn thing is full of security errors and backdoors. Using IE consistently is an invitation to virus trouble, although Avast! should be able to handle most of it. Use Chrome instead. It loads faster than Firefox.

7. Install and run Advanced SystemCare. Choose the Maintain Windows option. Scan. Repair any errors.

8. Install Smart Defrag. Run it using the third option in the dropdown box--Advanced Optimization. THIS MAY TAKE HOURS. Do it anyway.

9. Run ASC maintenance again.

10. Install and run Eusing Free Registry Cleaner. Scan. Repair any errors.

And you're good to go.

Page created:07/19/2009
Last modified:  02/13/2011