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AddMe: Search Engine Submission
A site which will submit your web page to 20 search engines for free.

Karina Fabian's web site
The web site of a talented Christian SF author and book editor.

Lyrical Press
A new, and increasingly successful, small press, which has published three of my books: Ella the Vampire, Max and Me, and Parole.

The Lyrical Press Book Store
The Lyrical Press on-line book store! Drop in for some high-quality genre entertainment. And when I say high quality, I'm serious--even the silly erotica has plot, characterization, voice, description, and clever concepts to compete with any big publisher's bestseller list. The books themselves are big trade paperbacks with professional cover art. The e-books are available in every e-reader format you can think of--Kindle, Mobipocket, MS Reader, PDF, HTML, Sony.

Open Mind
A look at climate science by a professional statistician--a time series expert, for those of you who know what that means. Well worth a look. Tamino can take the most arcane statistical jargon and explain it clearly and simply.
Are you a writer, or a would-be writer, of SF, fantasy or horror? This is the best spec-fic market listing ANYWHERE.

The Most Accurate Climatology Blog on the Web. The people who run the site include NASA's Gavin Schmidt, Penn State's Michael Mann, and the University of Chicago's Raymond "Raypierre" Pierrehumbert.

Virtual Tales
A very cool new spec-fic publisher -- and God bless them, they've published my first paperback novel, I Will!

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