Estimates of Climate Sensitivity

(c) 2006 by Barton Paul Levenson

The "climate sensitivity" is an estimate of how much some factor in a regional or global climate would change with a specific change in some factor affecting it. That's pretty vague, of course. In practice, the term has recently come to mean the change in Earth's surface temperature that could be expected if the ambient level of carbon dioxide were doubled (usually from the preindustrial level of 280 parts per million by volume to 560 ppmv, but sometimes from 300 to 600). Below are all the estimates I could find in the literature.

Not all estimates are equal. Most of these, though not all, include the effects of climate feedbacks such as water vapor. And these estimates include ones which were later shown to be based on flawed models, erroneous reasoning or outright mistakes. Examples would be Möller's estimate of 1963, which didn't treat a column of atmosphere correctly, or Idso's estimate of 1980, which, as Schneider and others pointed out, is based on reasoning that would violate the conservation of energy. Proceed with caution. Your mileage may vary.

StudyYearEstimate (° K.)
Manabe and Wetherald19672.36
Rasool and Schneider19710.8
Weare and Snell19740.7
Manabe and Wetherald19752.93
Temkin and Snell19761.7
Augustsson and Ramanathan19771.9
Ohring and Adler19780.78
Manabe and Stouffer19794.0
Manabe and Wetherald19803.0
Chou et al.19822.29
Hall and Cacuci19822.42
Nicoli and Visconti19822.30
Gilliland and Schneider19841.6
Hansen et al.19844.2
Washington and Meehl19843.5
Wetherald and Manabe19864.0
Wilson and Mitchell19875.2
Mitchell et al.19893.5
Noda and Tokoika19894.3
Schlesinger et al.19894.3
Washington and Meehl19894.0
Wetherald and Manabe19894.0
Oglesby and Saltzman19904.0
McAvaney et al.19912.1
Boer et al.19923.5
Hoffert and Covey19922.3
Mahfouf et al.19931.4
Manabe and Stouffer19933.5
Thompson and Pollard19952.1
Chen and Ramaswamy19962.5
Gordon and O'Farrell19974.3
Hegerl et al.19973.2
MacKay et al.19972.6
Schlesinger et al.19973.378
Delworth et al.19993.4
Roeckner et al.19992.6
Boer et al.20003.5
Washington et al.20002.1
Dai et al.20012.1
Wetherald et al.20014.5
Boer and Yu20033.50
Shaviv and Veizer20030.75
Goosse et al.20061.8
Hegerl et al.20062.5

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The following table shows the climate sensitivity of various global climate models. Some of these references duplicate some of those above.

ModelStudyEstimate (° K.)
AGCM/MLOSchlesinger et al. 19973.378
BMRC AGCMMcAvaney et al. 19912.1
CCC GCMIILambert 19953.5
CCCma MLOMBoer and Yu 20033.50
CCCma FDOMBoer and Yu 20033.50
CCMWashington and Meehl 19843.5
CGCM1Boer et al. 20003.5
CM2.0Stouffer et al. 20052.9
CM2.1Stouffer et al. 20053.4
CSIRO-Mk2Gordon and O'Farrell 19974.3
ECBILT-CLIO-VECODEGoosse et al. 20061.8
ECHAM3/LSGHegerl et al. 19973.2
ECHAM4/OPYC3Roeckner et al. 19992.6
GENESIS 1.02Thompson and Pollard 19952.1
GFDL_R30Delworth et al. 20013.4
GISSHansen et al. 19844.2
LMD4COLe Treu et al. 19943.9
LMD4MOLe Treu et al. 19943.6
MRI CGCM2.0Yukimoto and Noda 20021.1
MRI CGCM2.2Yukimoto and Noda 20021.8
OSUSchlesinger et al. 19894.3
PCMWashington et al. 20002.1
UKMOWilson and Mitchell 19875.2
UKMO HadCM2Hulme et al. 19992.5
UKMO HadCM3Hulme et al. 19993.3

Citations for studies listing multiple models:

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Some acronyms:

AGCMAtmospheric General Circulation Model
CCCCanadian Climate Centre
CCMCommunity Climate Model
CGCMCoupled Global Climate Model
CMClimate Model
COControl version (for LMD GCM)
CSIROCommonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization
ECHAMEuropean Center HAMburg global climate model
GFDLGeophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory (Princeton NJ, associated with NOAA (qv))
GISSGoddard Institute for Space Studies
LMDLaboratoire de Météorologie Dynamique
MLOMixed Layer Ocean
MO Modified version (for LMD GCM)
NCARNational Center for Atmospheric Research (Boulder CO)
NOAANational Atmospheric and Oceanic Administration
OSUOregon State University
PCMParallel Climate Model

Some statistical notes

First table (all known estimates)

The estimates appear to be roughly normally distributed, though slightly skewed left:

chart image

In summary statistics, N = 61, the mean is 2.86, and the sample standard deviation is 1.50. Notice how the estimates are beginning to converge with time:

chart image

Second table (major GCMs)

Again the distribution is roughly normal:

chart image

In summary statistics, N = 25, the mean is 3.15, and the sample standard deviation is 0.95. There is less convergence here, and there seems to be a slight downward trend, although this is exaggerated a bit by the positions of the outliers:

chart image

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