What China and India are doing about global warming

More lies from deniers

Climate deniers constantly harp on how the US shouldn't do anything about global warming until China and India do something, because they're much greater polluters than we are, blah blah blah, etc. etc. etc. The problem with this, of course, is that China and India are actually doing much more than we are already. Check out these headlines.

News reports

China news item 1

China news item 2

India news item 1

India news item 2


There is an easy way to keep up with this kind of information. It's called "paying attention to the news." It can be supplemented by a high-tech method I call "doing a Google search."

Don't let the deniers snow you. They are counting on your not being willing to spend a few seconds searching Google or Bing. Don't let them have the satisfaction. Call them on their BS whenever they trot it out. If enough of us do it, maybe it will shut them up, or at least force them to come up with new lies.

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