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Literary Criticism

"The Ideology of Robert A. Heinlein." The New York Review of Science Fiction, June 1998.
...Reprinted in Gigamesh (Spain) 1999.
...Reprinted in Ikarie (Czech Republic) 2003.

"James White's The Dream Millennium." The New York Review of Science Fiction, April 1999.

"Jeffrey Sackett's Candlemas Eve." The New York Review of Science Fiction, March 2001.

"S. L. Viehl’s Stardoc." The New York Review of Science Fiction, November 2002.

"Tanya Huff's Valor's Choice." Sigma, July 2005.

"The New Sub-Genre: The Existential Story." The Lyriodical, January 2009.
"Annals of Anime I. Sailor Moon (1)." Sigma, June 2009
"Annals of Anime I. Sailor Moon (2)." Sigma, July 2009
"Annals of Anime II. Vampire Princess Miyu." Sigma, August 2009
"Annals of Anime III. Scrapped Princess." Sigma, September 2009
"Annals of Anime IV. The Dirty Pair." Sigma, October 2009
"Annals of Anime VI. Moon Phase." Sigma, November 2009
"Annals of Anime VII. Jubei-Chan." Sigma, December 2009

"Annals of Anime VIII. Mobile Suit Gundam Seed Destiny." Sigma, January 2010
"Annals of Anime IX. Eureka Seven." Sigma, February 2010
"Annals of Anime V. My-HIME." Sigma, March 2010
"Annals of Anime X. Peach Girl." Sigma, April 2010
"Annals of Anime XI. Rosario + Vampire." Sigma, May 2010
"Annals of Anime XII. hack//sign." Sigma, June 2010

"Annals of Anime XIII. Negima." Sigma, January 2011
"T.M. Wright's The Laughing Man." Sigma, February 2011

Nonfiction Books

The Greenhouse Effect--What It Is, How It Works 2012, available

85 Myths About the Bible--With 85 Christian Answers, Nook Press 2013, available here.

Theory of Habitable Planets Kindle Direct Publishing 2017, available here.


The Celibate Succubus, Barking Rain Press 2013, available

Dark Gods of Alter Telluria, Barking Rain Press 2016, available here.

The Argo Incident, Kindle Direct Publishing 2017, available here.

Temporarily out of print:   Ella the Vampire, Lyrical Press 2008.
Parole, Lyrical Press 2009.
I Will, Virtual Tales 2010.
Max and Me, Lyrical Press 2010.
Year of the Human, Solstice Publishing 2012.


"Off-Topic." Astropoetica Volume 4.2, Spring 2006, available

"Do Red Dwarfs Have Habitable Planets?" Astropoetica Volume 7.1, Spring 2009, available here.

"Disobedient." Apex Magazine, Issue 92, January 2017, available here.

Research Papers in Non-Peer-Reviewed Science Journals

"Statistical Data on Orthoselection for Intelligence." Tripolitan (J. Tripoli Sci. Assn.) 15, 5-10. Levenson, B.P. 1983.

"Social Design Considerations for a Lunar Colony." Selenology 6, 22-28. Levenson, B.P. 1987.

"An Examination of Jules Verne's Moon Gun, 'Columbiad'." Selenology 7, 19-21. Levenson, B.P. 1988.

"Analysis of the August 17, 1989 Total Lunar Eclipse." The Strolling Astronomer (J. Am. Lunar Planetary Soc.) 38, 61-64. Graham, Francis G. and B.P. Levenson 1995.

"Get Your Stars Straight." The Lyriodical, 3rd Quarter 2009, available

Research Papers in Peer-Reviewed Science Journals

Levenson, B.P. 2011. "Planet Temperatures with Surface Cooling Parameterized." Advances in Space Research, 47, 2044–2048. Available

Levenson, B.P. 2015. "Why Hart Found Narrow Ecospheres--A Minor Science Mystery Solved." Astrobiology, 15, 327-330.

Short Fiction


"Twenty Peasants." Marion Zimmer Bradley's Fantasy Magazine, August 1991.


"Virtual Bridges." Confluence Program Book 1997 (First Prize Winner).


"Reality Forbidden." Confluence Program Book 1998 (First Prize Winner).


"The Physics of Space Beer Considered as a Helix of Semi-Precious Clones." Maelstrom, April 1999.


"Sometimes We Lie." Eternity On-Line, March 2000.
...Reprinted in the electronic anthology Leaps of Faith 2003.
...Reprinted in the print anthology Leaps of Faith 2008, available
here and on


"Scrunched Up." Future Orbits, February 2002.

"Along with Captain Gooding." Future Orbits, June 2002.


"Writer's Block." Dark Seasons, January 2003.

"The Closet." Chiaroscuro, March 2003.
...Now (2008) available as a podcast here on Pseudopod.


"Temple Cat." Cricket, June 2005.
...Reprinted in the electronic charity anthology Healing Waves 2011. Available here.

"The Horror in the Monkey-Squeezing Room.", June 2005.
...Pirated in Sweden, 2006.

"The Problem of Pain." The Sword Review, July 2005.

"Undead." Insidious Reflections, July 2005.

"Van Helsing in London." Hungur, Halloween 2005.

"All the Horrible Dragons." The Sword Review, December 2005.

"Pet Cat." In the charity anthology, Animal Magnetism (2005), available here.
...Reprinted in the Wrong World 20-Halloween-08 anthology DVD, available here.


"The Intruder." In the anthology, Travel Guide to the Haunted Mid-Atlantic Region (2006), available here.

"Rain and Revenge." RAGE Machine Issue #2, March 2006, available here.

"The Curse." In the anthology, Shadow Regions (2006), available here.


"The Extraordinary Circumstances On Board H.M.S. Steadfast." Cicada, January-February 2007.

"Problem in Logic." Staffs & Starships, issue 1, 2007, available here.

"The Rescue." Beyond Centauri, issue 18, 2007, available here.

"Dedication Day." Art & Prose, October 2007, available here.

"Katie Belle." Whispering Spirits, October 2007, available here.

"Side Trip." Science Fiction Trails, #2, 2007, available here.

"The Fate of the Crystal Eye." In the anthology, Forbidden Speculation (2007), available here.

"Wifey." Written Word, Holiday Edition 2007, available here.


"Wisdom." Anathema On-Line Anthology, January, 2008, available here.

"City of the Dead." In the anthology, Ruins Metropolis (2008), available here.

"The Zombies." Necrotic Tissue 3, July, 2008, available by subscription. Try

"Raid, or, How Team Alpha Saved the World (Again)." Atomjack 11, August, 2008, available here.

"Second Visit." Whispering Spirits 19 (issue 2), November, 2008, available here.

"The Primitives." Wrong World, December, 2008.


"The Boogie-Woogie, Time-Traveling, Cyborg Blues." Electric Spec 4 (issue 1), February 2009, available here.

"Khuminay and the Shapeshifter." In the anthology, Space Cops (2009), available here.


"An Exercise in Logic." In the anthology, Infinite Space, Infinite God II (2010), available


"Khuminay and the Servant." Cosmic Crime Stories, July, 2011, available here.

"Sophie and the Supernova." In the anthology, Cheer Up, Universe! (2011), available here.

"Ballad." Raygun Revival, October, 2011, available here.

"Sheep Lie!" Raygun Revival, November, 2011, available here.

"Brianna the Pie Girl." In the anthology, WTF?! (2011), available here and here.


"The Wall." Anotherealm, July, 2012, available here.

"Arlena's House." Interstellar Fiction, August, 2012, available here.

"Lifting." Cosmos, September, 2012, available here.


"The Commoner and the Queen." Anotherealm, January, 2013, available here.

"Henry Fairfield." Cosmos Online, May, 2013, available here.

"In the Machine." In the Anthology, Things You Can Create (2013), available here.

"Investigation of Murder." In the Anthology, The Least He Could Do (2013), available here.


"Khuminay and the Axe-Wielding Psycho." Electric Spec, May, 2014, available here.

"Changing the Past." Daily Science Fiction, August 27th, 2014, available here.


"Aquilonia, My Zelky." Perihelion SF, November, 2015, available here.

"Stealing a Starship." Electric Spec, November, 2015, available here.


"Triangle." Perihelion, June, 2016, available here.


"Buttons." Space and Time, Summer, 2017, available here (actually this still shows the previous issue).

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